So a few months ago, I was messing around with an old a cappella of “Rump Shaker” by Wreckx-N-Effect.  What a classic summer jam.  Remember that cool horn riff (same as PE used)?  Catchy and clever.  Guaranteed to get a party rockin’ early in the night or dropped in at that perfect moment.  But you know me.  Can’t leave well enough alone. I decided to take an older Disturbed track “Stupify” and drop it as the main groove. It has a nice groove to it and vocally, very cool.  If you know Disturbed, you know what I’m talking about.

I put together a quick mash just for fun and guess what…  It sounded like something Engine #9 would do.  So we learned it.  So I wanted to share the originals and the quick mash up I did.  I decided to call it “Rumpify”  because I was tired after I finished and couldn’t think of anything else.

Here’s the Disturbed song

Here’s the Wreckx-N-Effect song.

And here’s my little mash up.


Once I get the original video, I’ll post my mash with video on youTube.

I can’t imagine anyone wanting to download this as is but if you want it, let me know.  And if you want to see it live, get you rumps out to an Engine#9 show!

Leave your feedback on this one. 🙂