New heat this week includes my exclusive Engine #9 Club Remix of the classic “September” by Earth Wind & Fire.  Straightened up, sped up, and club ready.  Great for throwback sets, weddings and corporate events

Engine #9 brings you an exclusive club mix of “September,” the Earth, Wind & Fire hit of the late 70’s! SuperPacks include QuickMixes and BONUS tracks of quantized edits of the original track in both full and short lengths!! So you get FOUR exclusive audios or videos in the Audio or Video SuperPacks or ALL EIGHT in the Audio/Video SuperPack! EXCLUSIVE! {Genres: The 70’s, Funk/Soul, Pop/Rhythm, R&B}

Audio & VIDEO versions available.

Versions available:

  • Intro/Outro Original
  • Quick Hitter – Original
  • Intro/Outro Remix
  • Quick Hitter Remix
  • Audio and Video available for all mixes!

Get it today EXCLUSIVELY at